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* IMPORTANT: In case of ties in the standings, this self-automated website sorts the rankings by 'Points', 'Wins', 'Ties', 'Points For' and finally by 'Points Against'. Please note that this is not the "correct" way of sorting standings. The right way is actually by comparing the games between the teams that are tied in the standings.

For example, Team A and Team B are tied at 10 points each and with the same number of wins, but when these two teams met in the season, Team B won all the games. They would then be raked ahead of Team A. In case the games were splitted between both teams, we then go to +/- between these games. If both teams are tied in points but one team has more wins than the other, the team with the highest amount of wins is ranked ahead.

As the website goes, please keep in mind that the final standings will be posted when all the scorecards will be uploaded to the site at the end of the season.

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